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$20 Shower Curtain Update

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Ah, rain. It’s good that we are having all of these April showers. The grass is green and and in need of a cut, the beautiful tulips are almost spent, and I’m inside with my fluffy kitty sleeping next to me. I really am glad that the trees are greening up. I got tired of all those naked trees.

IMG_3320While the showers were going on outside, I worked on my shower inside, specifically on the curtain.

I learned long ago that about the only thing plastic curtains are good for is collecting mold. Fabric curtains, on the other hand, are breathable and don’t cause mold (in my experience). When we got our shower redone due to a (get this) mold problem, I wanted to raise the shower curtain to give it more of a lifting effect, but extra-long and stall size are more pricey. A liner alone cane be twenty bucks! When I found an extra-long liner on sale, I snatched it up quick. I got that and a living room curtain on uber-clearance to add to the bottom of my existing shower curtain since I still like it.

But then I had to put it all together.



Extra-long liner

Extra-long liner

My new fabric was just a living room curtain I bought on uber-clearance. The colors are close but not perfect. There’s a pattern on it, so it doesn’t look like I tried to play the matchy-matchy game and failed.

IMG_3270Turns out, the new curtain was far from perfect. It did not lay straight, and I ended up having to square up more than once.


I decided that I wasn’t going for perfect, so I got to sewing.


Unfortunately, the new curtain was narrower than the shower curtain, so I had to cut some pieces and sew them together. It had already been an hour by then, and I was trying to go fast. I didn’t anticipate this little project taking the whole afternoon.


My goal had been to get the curtain done by the time the hubs came home. I hadn’t told him about the shower curtain at all, so I decided to surprise him. I got it up in time and he thought it was great. Thankfully, he didn’t notice this:


The new fabric is still too narrow.

It was an easy fix. That is, after Eva made a suggestion. I tacked down the flappy part of the original curtain and let the wavyness do its job on hiding the rest. But then there was another problem. The liner was too short.

IMG_3297Seeing as I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on this project, and my attention was waning, I grabbed the crochet thread and made some extenders that I attached to the liner. My first set wasn’t long enough, so I made more.

IMG_3326I was finally satisfied. The curtain looks great. I’ll probably have to change the crochet thread after a while, but that solution was simple and easy.

IMG_3331I think the best part is that the tension bar is now above the shower surround and on the wall itself. That extra half inch width comes in handy when dealing with a narrow space. I didn’t think it would make such a drastic difference.

Happy showers!


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